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How we work

The RFS process is the easiest way to manage funding for your contractors. We take care of all the compliance, processing, funding and all the other details so you can focus on making your placements and developing your client and candidate relationships.

Our simple process can be summarised by these three easy steps.

Submit client details

Supply details about your client and after credit checking, we’ll provide you with funding limits before progressing the placement.

Provide candidate info

You make the placement, then enter the candidate’s info and details about the placement. We’ll then issue the paperwork as required.

100% profit

Once we receive timesheet approval, we’ll pay the candidate and 100% of the profit will be paid to your agency.

Services offered

RFS Shield

RFS Assist

Risk free

100% Risk Free Invoice Funding

A complete risk free funding solution. Simple and convenient access to flexible funding for your weekly candidate payroll bill.

RFS Shield

RFS Assist


Invoicing & Payroll

Full invoicing service to your clients. Accurate and on time payroll ensuring your candidates are always paid efficiently and compliantly.

RFS Shield

RFS Assist

Funding from RFS

Credit Control

Effective and friendly credit control ensuring that we collect your invoices without jeopardising your relationships.

RFS Shield

RFS Assist


Bad debt protection

Full protection against debt within agreed credit terms.

RFS Shield

RFS Assist

Management reporting

Extensive Management Reporting

Providing you with all relevant weekly reporting enabling you to regularly measure the performance of your business.

RFS Shield

RFS Assist

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Years of Recruitment Experience

Ensuring that, unlike a high-street bank, we can navigate you through the ever-changing minefield that is the modern day recruitment legislation.

RFS Shield

RFS Assist

What you do & What we do

How RFS works


Reasons why businesses choose RFS

One of the only models on the market to offer 100% genuine risk-free funding.

Flexibility when submitting your payroll.

Immediate ability to scale your business without the worry of cashflow restrictions.

Enabling you to expand your perm business into the lucrative temp market.

‘Plug and play’ payroll funding. Simply use RFS as and when you need with no long-term tie ins.

Reduce costs on employing new staff.

Reduce costs by not having to increase office space due to increased staff headcount.

Zero impact on your business when holidays and sickness occur with current staff.

A more efficient and professional feel and look to the back office running of your agency.

Experience and expertise in running back office across various recruitment industry sectors.