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About Recruitment Funding Solutions

Recruitment Funding Solutions (RFS) is a unique back-office and funding company working specifically in the recruitment industry with recruitment businesses.

With many years’ experience working in the recruitment sector, our team fully understands the importance of an efficient back office to the smooth running of a recruitment business. We also understand the many challenges that recruitment business owners must overcome in a compliance led industry.

RFS can look after those time-consuming, monotonous but necessary day to day tasks allowing the modern-day recruiter to do what they do best, building relationships with new and existing clients, and recruiting high-quality candidates for placement

How do we make life easy for recruiters?

100% Risk-Free Invoice funding to recruiters – A unique offering in the market.

Unlike most traditional funding providers in the recruitment sector, RFS offers a genuinely 100% risk-free funding solution. We offer simple and convenient access to flexible funding for your weekly candidate payroll bill.

Importantly, we do not insist on personal guarantees or debentures, lengthy tie ins, or minimum trading levels to use our service.

RFS is a truly ‘plugin and play’ model offering recruiters the flexibility to run their back-office using a highly transparent and fair pricing model, with no hidden or ancillary costs.

Great Technology

Each agency client has access to a bespoke portal enabling them to work with us ‘in the cloud’ via simple and easy to use portal forms. RFS embrace technology to make our clients lives easier.

Invoicing & Payroll

Full invoicing service to your clients. Accurate and on-time payroll ensuring your candidates are always paid efficiently and compliantly.

Credit Control

Our experienced credit control team offers an effective and friendly credit control service ensuring that we collect against your invoices without jeopardising your relationships.

Dedicated Account Managers

RFS clients are never passed from ‘pillar to post’. Each client has a specific client account manager whose sole purpose is to support the seamless running of their business.

Extensive Management Reporting

Providing clients with all relevant weekly reporting enabling them to regularly measure the performance of the business.

Bad debt protection

Full protection against debt within agreed credit terms. There are no additional legal fees or fee loading on overdue invoices.

Many years of recruitment specific experience and expertise

Ensuring that, unlike a high-street bank, we can navigate you through the ever-changing minefield that is modern-day recruitment legislation. RFS responds to all industry legislation changes, keeping our clients updated along the way so that there are no nasty surprises!

It is unsurprising, given our refreshingly transparent pricing model, highly flexible processes, and completely risk-free service, that RFS is now the regularly preferred option against many of the more traditional banking facilities available in the recruitment space. Contact us for more information to learn how quickly you can start working with RFS and move your recruitment business forward.